Inside UEFA, a dashboard app

I’ve worked together with Switzerland-based Creatives Agency on a pitch for UEFA. They wanted to re-design the existing intranet and make it available across platforms and devices.

After only 5 days of work, we ended up creating a dashboard which allows UEFA staff to have access to real-time data and manage their daily tasks, calendar, meetings, etc. It’s completely customisable to the needs of each member of the staff and includes dropbox, chat, latest news and social activity.


Business pitch. Made for Creatives. 2014
Creative Direction – Pedro Falcao
UI/UX – Pedro Falcao

Custom homepage

We started with the simple idea of allowing the user to create a custom homepage by adding favourite widgets.


Widgets library 

Dragging and dropping widgets on the sidebar would add them to the Homepage.


Main widgets

This journey explains how a user would move through the app and use its main features.


Using a widget

Available widgets include: Calendar, Tasks, Documents, Digital Safe, Social Activity, Team Space and Admin.