Hello ? I’m Pedro.
Lead UX & service design consultant
Co-founder at 
Studio Oto

I am a remote worker (currently in Portugal) with experience in product strategy, user research, service design, information architecture, and user experience design.

Passionate about designing intuitive services that work for everyone, I focus on conducting research to identify user needs, facilitate workshops to collaboratively find solutions to complex problems, and evaluate the solutions devised by testing them with users.

Ford Telematics: creating a service around the needs of Fleet Drivers

A Vision Sprint was carried to generate ideas and create alignment among stakeholders. Additionally, a few areas for improvement were identified and a roadmap of features was produced based on user research.

See case-study  →

FutureLearn: designing a new subscription business model for online learning

FutureLearn wanted to change the way learners pay for some of its online courses. We were asked to research, ideate, and design a new solution that would consider the learner's needs and business requirements.

See case-study  →

FutureLearn: optimising the learner's email ecosystem

User research identified that the emails sent to learners were overwhelming, time-consuming, and sometimes irrelevant. We were asked to suggest improvements to the email ecosystem.

See case-study  →

1. Discover & define

•  Stakeholder workshops to define goals, vision, and objectives.

•  Conduct research to understand the audience and identify needs.

•  Review existing data to gain insight and understand performance.

•  Undertake competitor reviews to understand the landscape.

2. Prototype & test

•  Create user journeys, process flows, and site maps.

•  Visualise ideas through low and high-fidelity sketches, mockups, and prototypes with real content.

•  Plan usability testing sessions to learn and evaluate.

•  Present work and collaborate with stakeholders to gain feedback.

3. Deliver & iterate

•  Create high-fidelity wireframes and designs.

•  Collaborate with visual designers, scrum teams, and developers.

•  Create style guides and specifications where required.

•  Refine and iterate based on real-time analytics and insights.

Illustrations from freepik.com