We Make Change

We Make Change is a community of people and organizations coming together to make change.

The website allows individuals to support the causes, organizations and projects they care about, by giving their time, money or things, as well as connecting them to exchange ideas and develop projects. 

My responsibilities included gathering business requirements and user needs, creating flowcharts and user flows, conducting user testing, wireframes, interaction and visual design.


Volunteer project – Link to prototype
Made for We Make Change. 2017
Brand identity – Luca Corgnali
Creative Direction – James Sancto
UX Research – Zohar Lindenbaum, Pedro Falcao
UX – Pedro Falcão, Zohar Lindenbaum
UI – Pedro Falcão, Luca Corgnali


Donating time, money or things

Users can donate their time, money or things to a selection of certified charities and projects. To encourage donations, the focus is on answering potential donor's top questions and streamline the donation process. 


Increasing sign up conversion

Users can start the sign up process quickly from the top of the Homepage. Only the absolute minimum information is asked upfront, with the intention of increasing sign up conversion.


Accessing content at all times 

Users can access causes and its categories from the fixed header at all times, regardless of where they are on the website.


Try before you buy

Non-registered users can explore causes, see popular projects, read about charities or even make donations, without having to register or log in. 

Open and closed card sorting was conducted to understand best IA. This exercise was especially important to understand under which category best place causes (e.g.: we found out that most people tend to place "Access to healthcare” under “Rights” rather than under “Health”).

Registering and sign in quickly 

A quick and frictionless sign in and registration process, to increase conversion and decrease clients abandonment and frustration.


Tailored content for users

User’s feed is populated by charities and projects related to the causes they select during the onboarding process. Removing or adding new causes can be done anytime. They can also add charities and projects to their Favourites.


Navigation on mobile

Different navigation mechanisms were explored to create best experience for mobile.