Kwiff, a sports betting app

First released days before the Euro 2016 as a football betting iOS app, Kwiff rapidly grew to include other sports and casino games. 

My responsibilities included working with a team of +30 on both iOS and Android apps, gathering business requirements and user needs, customer analytics, customer experience maps, flowcharts, wireflows, A/B testing, card sorting, information architecture, prototyping, interaction design, visual design and usability testing. Features I worked on include onboarding, user authentication, multi-sports and casino integration, accumulators and responsible gambling.


Made at Eaton Gate Gaming. 2016
Brand identity – Droga 5
UI/UX – Pedro Falcão, Droga 5
Development – Eaton Gate Gaming
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iOS & Android 

Launched in June 2016, the iOS version will soon be followed by the Android version.


Main Features

Customer journey map

This graphic representation of the relationship between the brand and its customers, over time and across channels, allowed us to identify opportunities to improve the experience.



A quick and frictionless registration process, with a minimal visual design and no distractions. The customer is allowed to use the app, and is prompted to register as soon as he/she tries to place a bet.


User Authentication

Priority was given to PIN and fingerprint authentication, but passwords were also introduced as a fallback in some situations. 


Multi-sports & Casino

Kwiff rapidly grew to include multiple sports and casino games.


Organising, structuring, and labeling content was an essential part of the design process.


We wanted to create a consistent but flexible interaction model that could serve the specificities of each sport. With that in mind, different solutions were designed, prototyped and tested before any effort went into development.

My bets

Users can easily access account history and check active & settled bets.



One of the most exciting features of the app, accumulators allow the combination of multiple bets into a single wager that only gains a return when all parts win.


Responsible gambling

We’ve created an informative, clear and friendly experience to increase the use of responsible gambling tools.