Registration & Checkout optimisation 

The challenge

Data analytics identified a high bounce rate for the registration and checkout processes. As part of the Purchases team, I was asked to optimise the user experience in order to increase the conversion rate for the registration and checkout journeys. My responsibilities included workshop facilitation, data gathering, collecting stakeholder feedback, wireframing, interaction, and visual design.

Competitor analysis

We started by reviewing the competitive landscape for both Registration and Checkout.


Stakeholder workshops

We then carried workshops with multiple stakeholders (engineers, PM’s, researchers, and designers):

  • a customer experience mapping workshop identified the pain points and opportunities for improvement in the existing user experience.
  • a co-design workshop generated ideas and design improvements.

Annotated wireframes

Annotated wireframes were created to indicate the user experience improvements to be implemented by the Purchases team.



Finally, visuals were created employing FutureLearn’s design system